Blu Delft per fiori di speranza

Blu Delft per fiori di speranza

Beautiful blue and white, handmade pottery, deeply rooted in Dutch culture and history. This age-old craft is passed on from generation to generation and iconic masterpieces are still made entirely by hand in Delft. A resident of Delft in the 17th century, such as the world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer, will most likely have used Delft Blue crockery. All the rich were only too happy to show it off. Bleu de Delft is therefore well placed in an environment that distantly refers to the Golden Age.

The historic gardens in the Netherlands were rooted in the Italian, French, English and German tradition. Smell, color and the sound of splashing water from fountains and over cascades provided a varied experience. Expressing feelings with words was a real faux pas back then, therefore people created an elaborate bouquet etiquette.

Flowers are still a popular gift today and give the mood of the recipient and the donor an instant boost. Flowers are a symbol of love and care. So flowers are not only whirthwhile for their beauty, but also as a symbol of hope and trust. Purple tulips symbolize royal dignity, quality and luxury, but also spirituality and tranquility. Therefore they are suitable for every occasion.

Oil and oil pastels, gold leaf (im) on aluminium, medium painting, 70 h x 70 b x 0,4 cm. To be framed these days. Ready to hang.

Square medium size, fine art, still life, flowers, historic garden, impressionism , 74 cm x 74 cm x 4 cm, watermixable oils, wax crayons, pigments, gold leaf (im) on aluminium. Framed, wood no glass color taupe, ready to hang.

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