Elves and Chihuahuas

Elves and Chihuahuas.

Elves are humanoid mythical creatures from Germanic and Norse mythology and folklore. They dance by moonlight and sit on ‘fairy benches’. Nature spirits with supernatural powers. Wise and skillful, beautiful and light, and strong and combative.

The Chihuahua was considered sacred and used as a sacrifice to take on the sins of deceased persons and guide their souls on the journey to the afterlife. Characteristics that they use with all their love for people. So you bring good vibes into your home with them.

My twin sister’s chihuahua dog ‘PUK’ was my model. Tolkien’s Elven People also, in particular Galadriel. May they watch over you.

[Diptych wit United.Come on, come on, let’s stick together ]

One of a kind, ready to hang, neutral Barth-frame, acrylic on linen on board, signed22 front and back. Original Created: 2022; Subjects: Animal; Materials: Acrylic on linen on board, Cardboard, Soft (yarn, Cotton, Fabric) Barth Frame Aluminium / Wood / Glass. Ready to hang.

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Also available at @SaatchiArt

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