Connected figures

Modern frescoe

Inspired by the old frescoes I started experimenting with layers in egg tempora. I looked it up in an old vademecum with recipes. Interesting!

The first layers in many colors to work forward to a deep warm red. A classic nude fits beautiful in with a few white and black contour lines.
In between a layer of vague figures, shadows, forms the decor. To achieve this effect the top layer of clippings from magazines has been carefully ripped off to keep only a contour.

Bubbles have been added for a frivolous touch, also with a link to life in bubbles nowadays and the fleetingness of life, a nod to times gone by. Sometimes with a golden edge, Traditional with a wink. Tone on tone for an overall calm image.

50 x 70 cm, egg tempora according to different recipes on primed aluminium, pigments, clippings, gold powder, shellac, varnish. To be framed (floating frame, gold paint, 74 h x 54 w x 4 cm d).

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